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NewYear, NewArchivist

It has been over a year since NewArchivist was born. While a year is just a blip in human terms, it is like 37.4 years in Internet terms. I have made some slight changes and have some ideas in store for the future, and while I do not like the idea of this blog talking about this blog, I did want to give you all an update.

  • Contributers and Collaboration: We have consolidated our list of Regular Contributors and Guest Contributors into one Contributors list. This is due to the interest I have received from people wanting to write something for the blog, which has both surprised and made me very happy. The regulars were with me from the start and will continue to post, for which I am very grateful. Please know that I am interested in all ideas you have and would love to see more people contribute in the coming year, as it is my goal to have NewArchivist  remain a collaborative blog. Contact me if you have any questions or ideas.
  • Link-O-Rama: I occasionally would post a set of links that I found interesting. I will now be doing that through the Link-O-Rama widget in the right sidebar. This widget is populated by the last five entries of my delicious account. You can also subscribe to this list via rss feed. That way you can get all NewArchivist all the time (if for some reason you would want that)!!
  • From The Trenches: I received the most positive feedback regarding the From The Trenches series than anything I did here. I also learned that it is really hard to blog about your job hunting experiences, both through the participants and through personal experience (more on that later).  We will still be hearing from people in the trenches, but I am also expanding this series to include other reflections and expert advice focused on finding employment. We will be kicking that off in a few days, so keep your eyes peeled!
  • Other Stuff: I hope to continue to focus on topics facing new archivists, but I also want it to be made clear that we new professionals are contributing to the general knowledge and advancement of our profession as a whole. Any archive topic is fair game here and I hope to be writing and receiving contributions from others concerning general archive topics.
  • New Ideas: I have received some great ideas from readers in the past year that I have not had time to get moving on, but I am focusing energy on these initiatives, including a user contributed wiki where people can add resources for new professionals, and ideas to formalize a new archives professional group. Stay tuned!
  • New Look: I made some changes to the page structure and added a new header, I am a web design ninja!

Finally, thanks so much for your contributions, readership, and support. I will admit I am still surprised when someone tells me they are loyal readers. My first reaction is always like, “you read that?” Your loyalty makes it worth while, and I really hope I continue to deserve it in the coming year.

Thank you


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It’s Alive, it’s Alive!!!!!

Let’s start our blog with some sweet embedding skills and a touch of blasphemy ~ed.

Frankenstein (1931) Universal Pictures

Look Mom, we’re blogging Welcome to the first official post of the NewArchivist. We intend to structure this blog in a style similar to the great library blogs In the Library with the Lead Pipe and Library Garden. As such, this blog is a collaborative effort, with four Regular Contributors and, hopefully, several guest contributors and many more commentators and readers. The Regular Contributors are all recent archives and records management graduates of the School of Information at the University of Michigan. Our aim is to write on issues that interest us, from the perspective of archivists that are new to the profession (hence the New in NewArchivist). Feel free to read more about the Regular Contributors or our hopes for the NewArchivist.

Discuss What, Exactly? Everything! Well… maybe not everything, but we do want to discuss things that are important and interesting to us as professionals. We see each post taking one of two directions, either a post that is authored by a single Regular Contributor, or we get together and all “discuss” a topic in a longer essay. In both of these formats, please remember that each author is expressing their own opinion, as we are bound to disagree with each other on many things (but we hope that is where some of the fun will come in).

This is Where You Come In, Gentle Reader NewArchivist needs you to survive. Not only as readers but as commenters and guest contributors. So, please use the comment section and contact us if you have any ideas for a post, want to contribute, or want to tell us we are filled with awesome.

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