Crash Space for Archivists

Crash Space for Archivists (CSFA), was created by Rebecca Goldman of the archives webcomic Derangement and Description as a way for archivists to locate free lodgings for professional events, such as SAA educational offerings and conferences. The NewArchivist is thrilled to help with this effort.

How to use CSFA

  • If you are looking for a space to crash, check out the Contact and Location List below. Please note: The CSFA Contact and Location List embedded below is for quick searching and lacks details. Go directly to the complete Google spreadsheet for additional information (proximity to public transportation, etc.) and functionality (sorting, etc.).
  • If you have some extra room and would like to provide crash space for your fellow archivists, please add your info using the CSFA Add Form.
  • If you would like to edit your info after it is entered or remove yourself from the list, contact NewArchivist.
  • Disclaimer: CSFA is open to anyone and NewArchivist does not vet the list in any way. In other words, you have the responsibility to make sure the arrangements are a good match for you

CSFA Contact and Location List

Go directly to the complete Google spreadsheet for additional important information and functionality (sorting, etc.).

CSFA Add Form

Go directly to this Google form if the above is not working.

A Note on Privacy: Despite Google saying that it does not index information from published Google Docs like the ones above, I have received one report of this happening. If you do not wish to add your contact information but still would like to offer lodgings, please contact NewArchivist and we will help with that.

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