About NewArchivist

I would like NewArchivist to be a place where folks can discuss the issues and challenges facing archivists and information professionals. The first year of its existence has seen the discussion mostly focus on issues faced by people new to the profession or students. That will remain the focus, but I would also like to see the blog cover more general topics. Right out of the gate, we new professionals are contributing to the general knowledge and advancement of our profession as a whole. Any archive topic is fair game here.

First and foremost this blog is not intended to be one guy ranting (although that will happen), but a collaborative effort. Many of the posts are written by guest contributors that bring a much needed perspective to the discussion, and I am always actively seeking contributions from people in all phases of the profession. Please see the Contributors page for more info and a list of people who have already helped me create this blog.

Comment Rules:

We come from the profession that invented the no-pens-or-purses-in-the-reading-room policies, so you know we will have some rules.

I cannot stress enough that we would would like this blog to be a place for conversation and debate. All comments that add to the discussion, bring up new points, or offer differing opinions and perspectives are greatly encouraged. I will do my best to follow the proposed Blogger’s Code of Conduct, and the Core Rules of Netiquette. I will also follow best practice and moderate the posts and comments. Those that are not civil, constructive, or relate to the topic will be deleted. In addition, I will make an explosion sound as the delete button is pressed.


NewArchivist is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 United States license. This license is applicable for all material that is created on or for the NewArchivist, and includes material created by guest contributors. We realize that some material not created by the authors of NewArchivist but used on the site is under copyright by others. If you are a copyright holder of this material and want it taken down, please contact us.

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