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Thank you all for the great discussion on the last post. I am going to be writing about some other topics soon but I do not want you to think that I am going to stop using this blog as a forum for discussing the issues raised in the Howl discussion. And while individual efforts are important, I think those of us who are really interested should try our best to act in concert.

So, as a group, what should our next steps look like? Well, my suggestion is actually a modified version of what Rebecca called for in her Howl followup, namely that there should be a meeting of people that are interested in these issues.

I would like to put on the table the formation of such a group, to meet and organize online at first. This group can be inclusive, comprised of not only new professionals but of people interested in improving the job and educational aspect of our profession. We can make goals like getting these issues put before the profession and perhaps having a face to face meeting/forum at the 2011 Annual Meeting.

If people are interested, please leave a comment or drop me an email. If there is a good amount of interest I will make a call for an official sign up and let you all take the lead, with the vast resources of NewArchivist at your disposal.

Even if the group does not form, I encourage us all to keep discussing these issues and keep calling for change!

**UPDATE** Our ever vigilant and plugged-in readers noted in the comment section that Google and Facebook groups have already been formed on this topic. So, I encourage those interested to visit and join those. I will pass along any additional information when I get it. Thanks and sorry for the false group all call thing. ~ed. 9/27/2010


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7 responses to “Next Steps

  1. Count me in, though I have limited free time.

  2. Beth

    I would like to hang out at the headquarters.

  3. There’s a new Facebook group called the Society of New Archivists with similar goals. You might want to coordinate with them.

  4. Eira

    Could this be coordinated/piggybacked on to the Howl-Up group?

    I’m a little concerned about there being several separate resources addressing these same issues for early career archivists – it seems that the more unified we are, the better chance we have of not duplicating efforts, possibly effecting change, etc.

    • Lance

      Hi Eira,

      I completely agree with you, a duplication of effort would be wasteful. I did not know that the Google group was going to be used for advocacy. I also did not know that the Facebook group Rebecca points out even existed. I will happily defer to those groups already in place and would be interested in helping get the word out on any actions/plans that those groups have, if they would like. Thanks for the heads up!

      • Eira

        I’m not really sure if the Howl Up group was created as an advocacy group or to further the discussion based on the original DnD post (I joined the group but did not create it), but either way I think your efforts would be welcome since the group is a little quiet.

        I had no clue about the Society of New Archivists group until I read this post. That’s what I get for being off Twitter for a few days, perhaps? 😉