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Lat year at this time I would have been all “What the hell is a Tweetup?” Now, through a series of misinterpretations and me opening my big mouth one too many times, I am planning one. Luckily for me and all interested parties, @randomarchivist and @sheepeeh are helping me  (and by help I mean doing all the work) and @DerangeDescribe is providing some much needed encouragement.

So, we are planning The All Archivists Tweetup on Wednesday, August 11th at The Zoo Bar, which is about a ten minute walk north from the conference hotel. The festivities will begin around 9:00, or right after the NARA reception, and will go until they kick us out for being too rowdy, ’cause that is how we archivists roll. Please go here to RSVP (RSVP’s are not necessary but would really help us plan) and to see the already sweet guest list, or use the ugly embedded thingy below. For those who cant make it, use the Twitter hashtag #SAA10Tweetup to follow all the awkward awesomeness!


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4 responses to “All Archivists Tweetup

  1. Any shenanigans planned for those of us who can’t make it until Friday/Saturday?

    • Lance

      I do not know of any but if you come up with some ideas I would be happy to promote/attend! I know there is a large group (including myself) going to the baseball game Saturday night.

  2. Matt

    On an unrelated note, a friend of mine from high school plays in Big Boy Little, a band that regularly plays at Zoo Bar.

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