Link-O-Rama: Rock the Vote Edition

  • SAA’s 2010 Election
    SAA is currently holding elections for Vice President/President-Elect, Council, and Nominating Committee positions. Members can vote until April 11th. While we here at NewArchivist are too chicken cautious to actually endorse any candidates, we can encourage all of you get out there and vote. But Lance, you say, I don’t know any of the candidates. Well:
  • 2010 Candidate Statements
    All candidates answer one question specific to each position. A great way to get a feel for where they stand on important things like vision, transparentcy, and how to identify a new generation of leaders (that last one sounds especially important to us New Archivists). Still need convincing?
  • Please vote in the SAA Elections at ArchivesNext
    Kate writes on SAA voting, including a discussion on student members and voting. The same issue facing students (knowledge of the candidates) is also faced by new professionals, but we already solved that problem with bullet two! Seriously, it is weak that only 21% of eligible members voted in 2009. We can do better than that. And after you are done voting, treat yourself to some comedy:
  • Holy archival quality, Batman at Satisfactory Comics (HT to our buddy D.A) and MPLP LOLcat (HT @anarchivist and @kitschqueen)
    Funny comics and pictures + archives = win!

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