Crash Space for Archivists

Rebecca Goldman of the archives webcomic Derangement and Description began Crash Space for Archivists (CSFA) as a way for people in the profession to find free places to stay (or crash, as the kids say) while traveling for conferences and such. Her inspiration came from a post at Beaver Archivist, which itself was inspired by a generous offer on the A&A listserv! In response to my Mini Rant on the need for more affordable SAA educational options, she graciously offered to share the hosting of CSFA with NewArchivist. We agree with her assumption that we new professionals are most in need of finding free lodging, and are thrilled to add to this archival 2.0 synergy (yes, I say things like synergy).

Please see the Crash Space for Archivists page for more info, to see the list of people who have volunteered space, or to offer your own crash space. We plan on keeping the CSFA page up permanently, so feel free to bookmark it.

Thanks to Rebecca and all of those who have already offered to help out your fellow archivists!


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2 responses to “Crash Space for Archivists

  1. Matt

    Something doesn’t sit right with me about the status of the archival profession. How we as professionals find it difficult to travel to conferences because of costs and in many cases get little help from the places we work. It just seams so cheap.

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