Looking for a Job-Hunting Contributor

We here at NewArchivist Headquarters are interested in beginning a series of posts focusing on a job search as it happens. We are all familiar with the drama associated with a job search and think it would be quite valuable for readers to get updates on the sometimes exciting, sometimes frustrating job hunting process. This series would be quite useful for those who are currently looking for employment, soon to be entering the job market, or who have not had to go through a search in a while.

Image courtesy of Flickr member Kevin H. / CC-BY-NC-ND

To facilitate the production of this series, we are looking for a current job hunter to regularly add posts to the blog. We would prefer that this person be looking for their first professional position in the archives field, and can be someone in their last year of grad school. The contributor will have the option to blog under their real name or, if they prefer, blog under a pseudonym so they can dish, dish, dish (all names will be changed to protect the innocent, of course).

If you are interested, please contact Lance.

Update: Thanks for all of the responses, the level of interest took me by surprise! We will be making an announcement soon.

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